It’s A Heart So Gifted’s Book Birthday!

A Heart So Gifted by Raine Thomas Now Available

I’ve got all the party vibes happening here today, and that’s because I’m celebrating the release of my 21st full-length novel, A Heart So Gifted (Atlanta Siege Hockey Romance #4)! I’ve been getting myself psyched up by watching the NHL playoffs for the past few weeks. While I realize there’s little comparison between a book launch and the frenetic energy of an arena full of rabid hockey fans, I like to think both are remarkable moments.

Not familiar with this book? No problem! Let me bring you up to speed:


He’s a brilliant NHL defenseman, a fearless, tattooed rebel, and the unpredictable bad boy of the Atlanta Siege.

Sebastian “Bass” Bell has never met a bet he wouldn’t make. That’s partly why he’s riding out a probationary rap from Siege management. One more screw-up and he’ll be bounced down to the minors or dropped from the team, sending him out of the city he loves and costing him the chance at postseason redemption.

But a guy like Bass can only resist temptation for so long, and his teammates keep offering up sucker bets. Get a terrible tattoo for ten thousand bucks? Sure. Get another piercing for a weekend with a Bugatti? Why not? Marry the team’s anthem singer on a wild weekend in Vegas?


Now if he doesn’t want management finding out his marriage is just an alcohol-induced bet gone wrong, he’ll have to convince his new wife to stick it out for a while and make it look legit. Here’s hoping Lady Luck is on his side.

She’s an impetuous beauty, a gifted singer-songwriter, and The Siege’s lucky charm.

Emma Chastain is ready to do whatever it takes to make it big in the music industry. That’s why she jumped at the chance to become the Atlanta Siege’s dedicated anthem singer. With the team’s stellar P.R. boosting her views and followers, she’s on the way to making all her dreams come true.

So when she’s asked to travel with the team to Vegas, she goes all-in. Sing for a packed arena of rabid hockey fans? Sure. Party with a bunch of sexy-as-sin hockey players? Hell, yeah. Strike a bargain with the charming scoundrel she married on a dare and lie to the entire world?


It starts as a phony romance meant to save their careers. How it all ends will depend on whether they’re willing to up the stakes and risk losing their hearts.

Game on.


Ready to read A Heart So Gifted? The below universal book link should have you covered! If your preferred book retailer isn’t on there for some reason, please leave me a comment and I’ll find another way to get you a copy. :)


I can’t wait to hear what you think about Bass and Emma’s story! These are two of my favorite characters ever. I promise that you’ll get plenty of laughs and feels with this book. :)

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