Foretold Daughters of Saraqael Book Three a young adult fantasy romance novel by Raine Thomas

Any writer who says that all character types are easy to write is either remarkably gifted or sadly clueless. We all have our strengths. I think it’s only logical that the closer a character is to a writer’s true personality, the easier and more realistically the character develops.

Which brings me to Skye. She’s effervescent, charismatic, graceful, blissfully naïve and a social extrovert. In short, many things I most definitely am not.

Writing her story was, at turns, surprisingly freeing and rather painful. Hers is the book that brings her sisters’ stories to a head. The intense conflict that began in Becoming and heightened in Central culminates in Foretold, the last book of the trilogy.

No pressure though.

I learned a lot about myself in writing from Skye’s perspective, and I hope that you’ll enjoy her story as much as I enjoyed writing it. And here it is…the long-awaited description of Foretold:


Daughters of Saraqael Trilogy Book Three


Centuries before she was born, Skye Tomaganuk was a subject of the most important prophecy in Estilorian history. As one of three half-human daughters born of the Corgloresti, Saraqael, she is part of the fulfillment of Knorbis’ Great Foretelling. What she doesn’t know is just what the Foretelling entails for her and her sisters.

As Skye and her sisters continue their training and visit each of the Estilorian class homelands, they soon learn how much impact their human emotions have on their father’s kind. Skye is particularly interested in the effect of emotions on her Gloresti, Caleb. Although she wants their relationship to progress beyond just that of protector and assignment, he proves particularly resistant to the idea.

She’ll soon have much more to worry about than a lack of romance, however. With the help of a traitor, Grolkinei infiltrates the Estilorian stronghold, imprisoning Skye’s mind and putting all Estilorians at risk. It leads them all toward the greatest battle of their kind, and puts Skye’s faith to the ultimate test.

Be there as the Daughters of Saraqael face off against Grolkinei and his Mercesti in an epic battle to preserve the future for all Estilorians. The journey concludes with Foretold, now available via Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords, coming soon to all other digital platforms.