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It’s what gets Jasmine Li out of bed every morning. She’s determined to overcome the injury that has derailed her career in ballet, the only love she’s ever known. She can’t afford to allow a baseball player to distract her, no matter how hot and persistent he might be.


Will Campbell defines the word. It’s what makes him a successful pitcher and it’s helping him learn how to be a single dad to a little girl with plenty of trust issues. Just his luck, the one person his daughter–and his heart–finally respond to is a stubborn, sexy ballerina with plans that don’t involve relationships or children.

But Will didn’t become the best closer in the majors by giving up. He knows what he wants and what his daughter needs, and he’s going to get it. Jasmine Li has met her match…and he’s playing for the win.

“I loved everything about this story. [Will and Jasmine’s] chemistry was electrifying and addictive. Loved them so much! My heart is in freaking love with the story and these characters.”
“Quite simply, I loved everything about this book. The characters were so real, the story line captured my attention, and the writing was fantastic!”
“Raine Thomas’s writing is seamless with an interesting, moving plot that keeps the reader’s attention. I definitely recommend For the Win!”

“Don’t I know you, kid?” 

Will nearly rolled his eyes over the grizzled Uber driver’s question, but he didn’t want to look like the kid he’d just been calledHwas twenty-two, for Christ’s sake. He wasn’t a damn kid. How would the driver feel if Will called him Old Man? 

He would have hired a professional chartered car to take him to and from the holiday party he’d just attended if he’d known he’d end up leaving the party alone. How was he supposed to know the party’s hostess would lead him up to the lavish bedroom she shared with her husband and screw his brains out right there while her husband drank himself senseless downstairs? 

By the time Will was done giving her the ride of her life, it had been too late to contact a charter to get his intoxicated ass home. He’d had to settle for the Uber. Now here he was, sitting in the back of a lumbering Oldsmobile while a driver who looked and sounded eerily like Tommy Lee Jones peppered him with questions. He half-expected to be led to the Men in Black facilities…but maybe that was the whiskey talking. 

“I play ball,” he finally said in response to the driver’s question. 

“Hot damn,” the driver declared, jerking the wheel so much in his excitement that Will braced himself. “You’re Will Campbell! I’ve got Will Campbell in my car!” 


The driver turned to look at Will over his shoulder. You look a little different without your ballcap on. I’m a huge fan. You’re one of the most promising young pitchers I’ve seen in years. I don’t know how you pulled out that win against New York to end the season. Shame it didn’t get us into the playoffs.” 

The car crept towards the double yellow lines on the road, prompting Will to tighten his grip on the chicken stick. “Uh, yeah. Listen—” 

I always wondered what you guys did in the off season. Do you live here in Denver then?” 

Will’s eyes were glued to the road. He