December 13, 2019

Teaser Tuesday: Excerpt, Title Release and a Totally-Free Download

Along with a new teaser, I have some exciting news to share with my Estilorian fans: The Prophecy is FREE today on Amazon (more about this below), and the titles of the books of the upcoming Firstborn trilogy have been set! Deciding on book titles is a challenge, but a fun one. After much deliberation, the final titles will be (drum roll please…):

Defy, Shift and Elder.

What do you think? Do the titles succeed at capturing your attention?

I’m having so much fun writing this trilogy! Defy introduces Zachariah, a complex character that I suspect will reluctantly grumble his way into the hearts of many. Shift brings back Quincy, a beloved character we met in Foretold whose story I felt needed to be told. And Elder ultimately concludes Ini-herit’s story, begun in the Daughters of Saraqael trilogy.

Want to know more about the Firstborn trilogy? You got it! Here are three brief synopses for you:

As her eighteenth birthday approaches, Tate knows she’s ready to experience more of the world outside of her protected homeland. Her parents, Skye and Caleb, however, refuse to allow it. When Tate takes her future into her own hands, she’ll learn that defying them will lead to disastrous and deadly consequences.

Being different from her Kynzesti kin has never sat well with Sophia, even if she does enjoy the unique ability to shapeshift. When she discovers just why she’s so different, she feels like an even bigger freak. Only if she changes her mindset about herself and her abilities will she have a chance to help stop a Mercesti plot involving a powerful artifact called the Elder Scroll.

The daughter of the Gloresti elder and firstborn of the Kynzesti class, Clara Kate knows she has a lot of responsibility to shoulder at her young age. As the situation with the Mercesti hunting the Elder Scroll grows more dire, C.K.’s abilities are put to the test. She’ll find out if she has what it takes to be a leader…and whether she can help another elder finally learn to love.

Hopefully this gives you more of an idea of what to expect in the new trilogy. Now…the teaser! Below is the beginning of Chapter Two of Defy. You’ll learn a bit more about Quincy and his relationship with the Kynzesti—the children of the Daughters of Saraqael. If you missed my earlier teasers, you might want to read the prologue and Chapter One first.

And speaking of Quincy, if you haven’t already checked out my Estilorian short story, The Prophecy, it’s currently FREE on Amazon for today only! This is the story of Saraqael’s quest to save the human woman he loves…and his best friend, Quincy, is right in the middle of it. Please download it if you’d like a taste of the Estilorians! In the meantime, I leave you with this teaser, and look forward to your comments.


Kynzesti DEFY: Book One of the Firstborn Trilogy
Chapter 2

The following day, Tate visited Quincy in the clinic attached to the cottage he kept not far from the training paddock. Although each of the families had gladly offered him room in one of their homes, he insisted that he didn’t want to impose. Plus, although the homes were relatively close to each other, the cottage was a nice central location that made it easier for him to get to any of the expecting mothers he was assisting. And since it was a fully stocked clinic, the fact that it was located near the training paddock was helpful, too. Aunt Amber and Uncle Gabriel weren’t always around when someone needed healing.

Tate privately thought that Quincy preferred the solitude over trying to get any peace in a houseful of other beings, something she could well understand.

Right now, she wandered around the clinic while Quincy stocked a satchel with every conceivable kind of medical implement. The sunlight coming in through the two windows in the room glinted on his blond hair as he leaned intently over the satchel resting on one of the examination tables in the center of the room. Although he usually wore his hair short, it was presently long enough that there was a noticeable curl to it. It nearly touched the neckline of his black tank top. She personally liked the way the longer hairstyle complemented the lines of his handsome face, though she knew he’d be changing back to the shorter style before too long.

When he turned again to one of the many cabinets lining the walls, the sun also gleamed on the silver markings lining his broad shoulders and the backs of his muscular arms. The markings were a result of his transitions to the human plane. As a Corgloresti, he was a harvester of human souls, the only way full Estilorians had to reproduce, since Estilorian females didn’t have the same reproductive systems as humans. As far as Tate knew, Quincy was the most successful Corgloresti in history at bringing souls over through the very complicated Corgloresti Embrace.

He’d never failed.

As he pulled a glass container from the cabinet and started unscrewing the lid, Tate let out a snort of laughter. “Do you really think you’ll need tongue depressors to teach Sophia to fly?”

His silver eyes narrowed and shifted briefly to her. “Don’t give me a hard time right now. You already know how stressed I am about this.”

She did know. Over the years, Quincy had become a very dear friend. And she had long ago reasoned out how he felt about her cousin. She knew he was quite nervous over the prospect of being alone with her for an extended period of time. Even if she hadn’t had a second power that allowed her to see the truth of any matter, his uncommonly jerky mannerisms as he packed his satchel and the more pronounced accent in his words certainly would have tipped her off.

“You know,” she casually pointed out, “if I went with you, I’m sure it would be less stressful for you.”

He replaced the tongue depressors and lifted a container of cotton balls, giving it a thoughtful study. Tate bit her lip against another laugh even as he shook out a few fluffy balls and absently replied, “Nice try.”

“It’s true,” she insisted. “I could serve as a buffer for you so you wouldn’t be forced to try and make conversation with Sophia.” She paused to watch him fumble with the lid as he tried to screw it back on the container. Then she pointed out, “I’m sure she’ll look especially pretty today.”

“Sophia isn’t pretty,” he said in an affronted tone. He was so flustered that he dropped the jar. Fortunately, it hit an area rug and didn’t shatter, though it did roll across the floor toward the open window where Tate stood. Quincy cursed and shook his head at himself as he hurried after the container.

Tate laughed again and bent to help him pick up the displaced cotton balls. “Okay, okay. I’m sure she’ll look gorgeous, breathtaking and heart-stopping, then.”

He caught her gaze and some of the tension in his shoulders eased. One corner of his mouth rose. “Well, that’s a slightly more accurate description, at least. Though you did leave out spectacular and magnificent.”

“I don’t know what I was thinking.”

Sighing, he walked to the trash can to throw away the cotton balls that had escaped the jar. Then he secured the lid and put the container away. “I’m pathetic.”

“A completely lost cause.”

He ran a hand through his hair. “Why did I suggest this again?”

“Because you’re hopelessly in love with my cousin and don’t want to see her fail at this,” she answered, running her finger idly along the frame of the painting hanging on the wall between the windows. The painting had been done by Sophia’s twelve-year-old sister, Leigh, and depicted the family of panthers that lived within the area of protection.

“Oh. Right.”

Empathizing with him, she walked over and rubbed his upper arm. “Are you sure you don’t want me to come along?”

“Well, that would certainly make things easier for me in one respect,” he admitted, giving her an appreciative grin. “But it would get me into all kinds of trouble with your father. You know him, right? Big guy? Handy with a sword? Deadly glare when he’s angry?”

Her lips twitched despite the fact that she knew her attempts to convince Quincy to take her along with him and Sophia weren’t going to succeed. “Yeah, yeah. Well, I believe in you, Quincy. I know that if anyone can help Sophia discover the faith she needs to learn to extend her wings, it’ll be you.”

He sighed again. “Thanks, Tate. No pressure, though.”


  1. kris says:

    OMG! I love them! I’m already dying to read all of them! Thank you!

  2. I love the titles!!! I’ve not read the teaser, because I’m not sure if it contains spoilers, and I’ve not finished reading Becoming. So… I shall bookmark this and return, because you know I stalk your blog *plays eerie music* LOL

    • Raine Thomas says:

      You might be wise to wait on the teasers since you haven’t finished the Daughters trilogy, Lyn. :) But thanks for stopping by and providing feedback on the titles!! *hugs*

  3. Melissa says:

    RAINE!!! Seriously, I’m dying from all this excitement!!! I loooove the titles. I can’t wait to “meet” Tate, Sophia, and Clara Kate. You just made my day. Thank you! *big hugs*

  4. I amm so lovin’ this!you never cease to amaze me,honey darlin’!I so can’t wait to continue the Estilorian adventure n meet all the new characters,n continue to love the old ones! xoxoxo

  5. Kate Fuentes says:

    Raine! A-MAZ-ING!!!! Love the titles and the teaser! Can’t wait to get those three bks on my Kindle! Great job friend.

  6. Ana says:

    Raine, I’m very excited to read the next set of books and meet these great new characters!! The titles are great and I can’t wait to see what you come up with for the covers…although I don’t know how you’ll be able to top the beautiful covers of the first series!! All I can say is….write faster!! lol

  7. The titles and synopsis look great and I am ready to get to reading!

  8. You are extremely talented. I enjoyed that tremendously.

  9. Katelyn says:

    Cant wait to read all of them lol……But what is a Kynzestie I look at you Estilorian Central page and didnt see it on there????

    • Raine Thomas says:

      Thanks for the great question! The Kynzesti is the newest class of Estilorian. I’ll be updating the Estilorian Central page with more details as the books are closer to release. For now, I’m off to get more work done on Shift! :)

  10. Angel says:

    Oh my gosh, I can’t believe these books aren’t available in my country.
    I want to read them so badly. *tears

    • Raine Thomas says:

      Thanks so much for reaching out, Angel! Actually, all of the books are on If you can read a PDF on your computer or tablet or have an e-reader, you can certainly check them out. Happy reading! :)