June 1, 2020

Cover Reveal: The Disappearance of Camelot by Marilyn Jeulin


Title: The Disappearance of Camelot

Series: Stories from the Veil

Author: Marilyn Jeulin

Cover by Funky Books Design 

New Adult Novella

Stand Alone, #.5 Stories from the Veil 



After two mysterious time travelers confirm the Disappearance of Camelot, Guinevere, together with Merlin, must act quickly to ensure the safety of all Magical Beings.

Camelot is no longer safe, and the only place where Magic can survive is a pocket world of Merlin’s creation.

In a race against time, Guinevere and her pack of wolves must convince the other Magical Beings to abandon their settlements before their constant battle over power and territory decimates Earth.


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