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Book Spotlight + #Giveaway: ALTERNATE (Interred Series #3) by @lynalmodovar

By |2020-06-11T15:23:35-04:00December 28th, 2015|

New Release by the amazing Marilyn Almodovar!!! . Title: Alternate Series: Interred #3 Author: Marilyn Almodovar Genre: YA Time Travel Romance Publisher: Iambe Books, LLC . BLURB: When a portal leaves Baxter trapped and powerless in an alternate world, she finds herself on the run and fighting for her life. [...]

Book #Sale: Celebrating 12 Days of Interred with @LynAlmodovar

By |2020-06-11T15:24:14-04:00December 15th, 2015|

12 Days of Interred continues with Mara's Interment (a short story) . My skin is still red from all the scrubbing. Even now, standing in the waiting room, I can feel it tingling. Not far from me, the Attenborough twins talk incessantly about Andrew Jacobs. I bite my tongue, drawing [...]

Cover Reveal: ALTERNATE (Chronicles of the Interred #3) by Marilyn Almodóvar

By |2020-06-11T15:27:30-04:00November 20th, 2015|

Today I hope you'll join me in congratulating the amazing Marilyn Almodóvar on her upcoming release, Alternate! The book comes out on December 25th, the birthday of the series' main characters, Baxter and Jack. How fun is that?? . Here's a little more about the book before the big reveal: [...]

Cover Reveal + Pre-Order Blitz: DECEIVE by @Raine_Thomas

By |2020-06-11T15:28:16-04:00June 5th, 2015|

Are you ready for Deceive, the latest release in the Estilorian series? Great news: pre-orders are now available! . It's time for Eden and Connor's adventure to begin. Read on to order your copy of Deceive today! . First, here's more about the book: When the elders imprisoned Metis, they [...]

Daughters of Saraqael Trilogy Optioned by Back Fence Productions… Next Stop, Hollywood!

By |2020-06-11T15:51:18-04:00December 13th, 2013|

Hollywood or Bust! Three years ago, I finalized the edits on what would become the Daughters of Saraqael Trilogy. Having lost my job in December of 2008, I'd found myself with time on my hands and a number of stories in my head. The first complete book I [...]

Cover Reveal + Launch Date Announced! ELDER (Firstborn Trilogy #3)

By |2020-06-11T16:03:26-04:00November 29th, 2012|

It's finally here: the big cover reveal for Elder! I'll be honest with you...I'm both thrilled and saddened by this event. Elder marks my sixth book in the Estilorian series. After this release, I'll be focusing my writing energy elsewhere. Saying goodbye to characters who have been with me for [...]

Prepping for SHIFT’s Release: an All New Teaser Tuesday!

By |2020-06-11T16:55:31-04:00August 21st, 2012|

We're in the final countdown to the release of Shift this coming Friday! It's only appropriate that I set the stage with an all-new teaser for your reading pleasure. Oh...and the book trailer debuted last week! I'll include it here, too. As always, thanks so much for the support. Happy [...]