June 1, 2020

If You’ve Been Wondering, Yes…I’m Alive and Writing!

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

Chocolate I can't eat since I'm dieting. Oh, sweet chocolate!

It’s been weeks since I last posted something related to my writing, and I figured it was past time I did so. Considering it’s the “Day-o-Love,” it seemed right to mention what I’ve been working on since Elder was published.

Here’s the thing: I’ve had this story in my head about a guy named Parish. He’s truly awesome and has overcome a rather tragic back story. He’s got this cool love interest named Azure, too. She’s kick-ass and gives him more than a run for his money. They’re crazy-good at solving crimes in their time, which is a couple of hundred years in the future.

I got as far as building the world they live in when I got stuck. I don’t know why, as I can see them quite clearly in my head. But I had trouble with the specific elements of their society. What is their government like? What currency do they use? How do people make their livings?

It was while I considered these elements that the story I’m about to write came to me. These two stories are notably different. One is a futuristic thriller series; the other, a contemporary New Adult romance.

Say what??

Ask anyone who knows me and you’ll discover that I insisted I would never write a New Adult book. I was concerned about the graphic nature of many NA stories, and I didn’t want to alienate my fans. I’ve since discovered that NA books only have to be as graphic as the author wants.

In other words, never say never.

I couldn’t get this story out of my head. Where I usually have some struggles fleshing out character sketches and completing outlines, these flowed for me. I can only deduce now that this is the story I’m meant to write right now.

That said, I’d like to introduce you to the two main characters in my upcoming release, For Everly. Their story is ready to be written, and I can assure you in the name of Valentine’s Day that it will be a romance to remember! I hope you’ll let me know what you think of these early tidbits. For now, here are my mini-interviews with the characters…

Everly Inspiration Pic (Barbara Meier)

What’s your name? Everly Wallace.

Cool name! And how old are you? Thanks. I’m 22.

What do you do for a living? First and foremost, I’m a student. I’m working on my doctorate in Physical Therapy at Georgia State University. I was lucky enough to earn a graduate assistanceship to pay for my tuition, so that keeps me busy. I also wait tables at a high-end restaurant in Atlanta called Prix Fixe. When I have time, I like to volunteer at a local center for sports rehab.

You sure sound busy! Do you have a family or love interest who makes balancing that schedule difficult? Not really. My granddad and I live in the same house, and I don’t have any other close family or friends to detract from my professional goals.

That’s a lot of academic focus. Do you have any hobbies? Well, I like to cook and listen to music. I’m also a huge baseball fan. It helps that I live within walking distance of the ballpark downtown.

I’d love to live there! Can you share a little about your back story? That’s a no. I don’t share details about my past with just anyone. If readers want to know more, they’ll have to pick up a copy of For Everly.

~     ~     ~

All righty, then. Thanks for your time, Everly! We can all appreciate your privacy. Why don’t we turn our attention to the other main character in the story?

Cole Inspiration Pic (Jordan Carlyle)

What’s your name? Cole Parker. Nice to meet you.

The pleasure’s all mine! How old are you, Cole? I’m 24…but I’m not against dating above my age, if you’re asking.

I wasn’t, but it seems that’s the type of questioning you’re used to. Am I right? Hey, I don’t kiss and tell. Next question?

All right. What do you do for a living? Haven’t you heard of me? I’m a professional baseball player.

Awesome! What position? I’m a pitcher.

That’s cool. How long have you been in the “bigs?” I was drafted right out of high school and started in the minors. I’ve been starting in the majors for four years. As a matter of fact, my contract is up for renewal.

Wow. Sounds like a lot of pressure. Are you ready for it? Guess folks will have to read For Everly to find out. *wink*

Fair enough! Thanks so much to Everly and Cole for participating. I hope you enjoyed their interviews and that you’ll let me know what you think in the comments. Don’t eat too much chocolate today!

Valentine’s #TeaserTuesday: Five Times the Estilorian Love!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

As I sit here admiring the flowers that my husband probably paid waaay too much for and eagerly anticipating enjoying a caramel-filled chocolate or two (okay, five), it occurred to me that I needed to put up a Valentine’s Day blog. Say what you want about this being a “Hallmark Holiday,” as a YA romance author, I couldn’t let February 14th go without a post and a set of romantic teasers for my readers!

I’ll also mention that Becoming is presently on sale for 99 cents as a Valentine’s promotion. If you have a “valentine” with an e-reader, you can hook them up with some romance in the form of a book through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or wherever e-books are sold!

For your reading pleasure today, I’ve decided to include excerpts of a romantic nature from Becoming, Central, Foretold, Defy and Shift.  I thought this would offer something fun for new and existing Estilorian fans alike. I hope you enjoy them…let me know if you have a favorite!

Without another thought, she leaned forward while using her hand to guide him toward her lips. She sensed his hesitation, knew she had caught him off-guard and his brain was trying to catch up, but she didn’t let it deter her. As though they had practiced it a hundred times, her mouth found his.

His response astounded her. There wasn’t so much a spark as a lightning strike when they connected. If she had thought the feeling of his hands on her back earlier that day had been amazing, the touch of his lips against hers now had rockets firing in her synapses. He kissed her with such intensity she wondered how she could stand it.

In that moment, she knew all that he held in his heart for her and wondered how he had kept it from her all this time. Even more, she understood her own heart in glorious, almost painful clarity.

She moved her lips against his, teaching him without words what he needed to know. Ever the ardent student, he lifted his hands to cradle her face, slowly moving his mouth against hers. Once. Twice. Then again, and yet again, varying the positions and the amount of pressure exerted.

When she opened her mouth beneath his, he followed her lead without a thought. Somehow, although he probably should have found it at least mildly shocking, he was unsurprised when she gently touched her tongue to his. It just seemed to him as though that was a perfectly logical transition for this amazing experience, and he responded in kind.

He savored the taste of her. It absolutely defied description. She made soft sounds indicating her pleasure as her hands caressed his back and shoulders. His body felt as though it was going to erupt in a rapturous flare of pleasure.

He had been prepared for the entire experience to be awkward. He had even been prepared for it to be mildly repulsive.

He had not been prepared for it to feel so good.

Everywhere she touched started tingling. Pulsing sensation coursed through him at the touch of her fingers as well as where he felt her warm breath against the side of his neck. He felt her body pressed against him, felt the heat from her skin warming him through their clothes, and instinctively reached up to hold her at her waist, enjoying the feel of the feminine curves of her hips beneath his hands.

Then he felt her lips move along the outer edge of his ear, taking his sensitive earlobe gently between her teeth for one teasing, incredible moment before she slowly rained tender kisses along the side of his neck and jaw. He realized when his brain finally kicked in that her particular position exposed the slender line of her neck to him. He didn’t have to move at all to breathe in the scent of her. He registered that she smelled like jasmine, sweet and bit mysterious.

Of course she did.

~ DEFY ~

“When you want to kiss someone,” he said, making her realize she had been speaking her thoughts again, “do not talk it to damn death.”

And then he pulled her against him and captured her mouth with his.

He didn’t kiss her. No, that was far too sedate a term for it. He claimed her.

This was no gentle brushing of lips against lips. This was an undiluted assault of the senses. This was lips and tongue and heat and urgent, roaming hands. This was erratic breathing, bodies pressed together, skin touching skin, bursts of unbelievable and unexpected pleasure. This was beyond her wildest imaginings.


At first, he stiffened in shock. But he quickly sank into the kiss, making her realize just how little she knew about this particular activity.

His warm lips moved tenderly against hers, telling her that her urgent pressing of her mouth against his wasn’t quite right. She deliberately relaxed, focusing on every sensation as his hands moved to cradle her, one hand against the small of her back and the other at the base of her neck beneath her hair. Every touch sent waves of heady sensation pouring through her. It was even more potent than the charge of energy she experienced when she shifted.

A soft moan built in her throat as his lips moved against hers. She felt his hand move from around her neck to the side of her jaw. When he traced the delicate skin there, it sent another shiver through her.