December 13, 2019

SHIFT Launches Today!

Happy book birthday to Shift!

*toots party horn and tosses confetti*

I’m not generally the excitable type. When my daughter was born, I was excited (okay, and exhausted), but not emotional and weepy like the actors on TV. The day we signed for our new house, I’m sure I smiled a lot. The knowledge that I had to unpack a ginormous moving truck in the Florida August heat was never far from my mind, however.

Today, the fifth book in my Estilorian series hits the virtual shelves on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I’ll be honest with you. I don’t think you’ll be able to get me out of the clouds.

By now my readers know that Shift continues the stories of the firstborn children of the main characters in my Daughters of Saraqael trilogy. With that trilogy just having passed its one-year book anniversary, it seems only fitting to celebrate with Shift‘s “birthday.” Each one of these books is a labor of love, so seeing them released out into the hands of readers makes me more emotional than just about anything else could.

Joining me in the promotion of Shift‘s release is a team of amazing writers and bloggers. I’m so fortunate to have each of them involved in the blog tour running from today until 9/1. Together with the great team at YA Bound, I have the pleasure of working with the following blogs:

Sarah’s Books and Life – August 24th
Writing on the Sunny Side of the Street – August 24th
Writing, Stuff and Nonsense – August 24th
**Bookmarks and Bookshelves – August 27th
**Bound 2 Astound – August 27th
**Every Free Chance Book Reviews – August 27th
**Fiction Freak – August 27th
**Hardcover Life – August 27th
**Kissed by Ink – August 27th
The Bibliophile’s Corner – August 27th
**The Book Hookup – August 27th
**A Bibliophile’s Thoughts on Books – August 28th
**I Heart YA Books – August 28th
Indie Writer’s Review – August 28th
**Letters Inside Out – August 28th
**Turning the Pages – August 28th
**A Dream within a Dream – August 29th
**Book Briefs – August 29th
**Books Beside my Bed – August 29th
**Crossroad Reviews – August 29th
TeamNerd Reviews – August 29th
**A Diary of a Book Addict – August 30th
Bethany’s Writing Journey – August 30th
**Ed and Ems Reviews – August 30th
Jess’s Book Blog – August 30th
Kate’s Tales of Books and Bands – August 30th
**Read, Write and Read Some More – August 30th
**Step into Fiction – August 30th
**Comfort Books – August 31st
Dream Reads – August 31st
**Leisure Reads – August 31st
**Nori’s Closet – August 31st
**Bengal Reads – September 1st
Finding Bliss – September 1st
**Jessy’s Bookends – September 1st
**Read-a-holicz – September 1st
**Reader Girls – September 1st
**Designates a YA Bound tour blog

I’m so thankful to everyone participating in the launch, even those who do so indirectly. Authors and readers who retweet, share on Facebook, pin on Pinterest, “Like” the book on Amazon and agree with the tags…every little bit helps! Thanks so much to everyone for the awesome support.

As a way to celebrate Shift‘s release, I’m hosting a giveaway of one signed copy of Defy, one signed copy of Shift, and a necklace inspired by Sophia, the main heroine in Shift. Check it out!

You can enter here or on many of the blogs above, particularly those participating in the YA Bound tour. I hope to hear from you once you’ve had a chance to check out Shift. If you’re backlogged, you can always add it to your To-Read list on Goodreads. For now, I’m off to sweep up some confetti!

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Prepping for SHIFT’s Release: an All New Teaser Tuesday!

We’re in the final countdown to the release of Shift this coming Friday! It’s only appropriate that I set the stage with an all-new teaser for your reading pleasure. Oh…and the book trailer debuted last week! I’ll include it here, too.

As always, thanks so much for the support. Happy reading!

Excerpt: Shift (Firstborn Trilogy #2)

Chapter 1

Quincy started down the hill as soon as Sophia loped away. He had seen Olivia’s grimace when she stood up after speaking with her daughter. As both a friend and the Estilorian who served as the obstetrician for Olivia and her sisters, Amber and Skye, he was concerned by her obvious discomfort.

“Do you need any assistance, Olivia?” he asked.

He stopped a couple of feet from her, studying her for physiological indicators of how she felt. He knew that these last days before the projected due date were particularly wearying on the expectant mother. Her energy and abilities weakened as she prepared for the birth. It was one of the reasons that Olivia and her sisters had remained behind when their firstborn children recently ventured away from the protected homeland.

Her pupils and breathing were normal now, he was pleased to note.

“I sure do,” she answered with a grin. “Can you get Sophia to quit skipping out on her training sessions?”

His lips twitched. “Are you sure you don’t have something less challenging for me? Maybe a previously unknown pain, or a dire threat to your person I could possibly avert?”

“I can hear you,” Sophia called out.

The irritation in her voice had Quincy grimacing. “Sorry,” he said loudly toward the open door of the house. Then, more quietly, he said, “Oops.”

Olivia smiled and waved it off. “Sophia deserves the knock. She’s terrible about participating in the training sessions and she knows it.” Her voice rose in volume when she added, “I’ll never let her leave home again if she doesn’t start taking this more seriously.”

“Yeah, yeah…I get it,” Sophia replied in a grumble.

Quincy shook his head. “Well, let me know if you experience any signs of the baby’s impending arrival, okay? If you’d be more comfortable with me sticking around here instead of joining the others at the waterfall, I’d be happy to.”

“You’re very sweet, Quincy. Thanks.” She once again ran a hand over her belly. “But I think we’re still okay for now.”

“All right. Then I’ll go wait for Sophia and the others near the training paddock. You know how to find me if you need me.”

“Absolutely.” Olivia smiled and turned to walk back into the house. “And if you happen to give Sophia another lecture on the importance of learning to defend herself in hopes it might penetrate her hard head, I wouldn’t mind a bit.”

“Sure thing,” he said.

As he walked toward the training paddock, he considered Olivia’s concern for Sophia’s well-being. It very closely mirrored his own. He clearly remembered the challenges he and Sophia faced together in their pursuit of Tate all those weeks ago. Sophia had nearly been killed. The fear and anguish he’d experienced while treating her injuries surely reflected what Olivia would have felt in his place.

Why wouldn’t it? he mused now. After all, they both loved her.

He supposed the biggest difference was that Sophia didn’t have any idea how he felt about her. And he had yet to figure out how to change that.

~     ~     ~     ~     ~

Want more? Check out the amazing trailer by Flatline Films!