January 27, 2020

Release Day Blitz: UNSTEADY RHYTHM by Raine Thomas


Title: Unsteady Rhythm

Series: House of Archer #2

Author: Raine Thomas

Genre: New Adult Rocker Romance



A rock band. A reality show. A recipe for disaster.

Falling in love with your best friend is one thing. Falling in love with a rock star is entirely another. Put those two things together, add in airing your new relationship on reality TV, and you’ve got one volatile mix just waiting to explode.

Lily Montgomery’s life has veered in a direction she never expected. She’s struggling to find her balance after her romance with rock star Dane Archer propelled her into the latest headlines. Her dreams of a successful writing career are fading in the bright lights of unwanted fame. She needs to figure out how to help Dane and his band achieve their goals without losing sight of her own.

Easier said than done…

As The Void’s tour continues, Lily faces family drama, relationship trials, dangerously dedicated fans, and zealous paparazzi. Between that and figuring out how to spin the tabloid-worthy relationship developing between the band’s brooding bassist, Keith Connors, and her conservative roommate, Sydney Ward, Lily has more weight on her shoulders than she ever imagined.

But her choice has been made. For the sake of love and her own reputation, she will have to find her rhythm and rise to each challenge. If she doesn’t, she’ll lose everything…and the whole world will be watching.






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Hello, my friends!

Some of you may have been wondering where I’ve been. Well, I’ve taken a break from writing to focus on editing the work of other authors as well as my full time job. The break has done me well and the creative juices are flowing!

I have several writing projects in the works, but I’ve decided to start with the book that’s been on my mind for a couple of years. This story follows a band. The band has four males and one female. They sing edgy-pop…not rock-n-roll or punk. (Think Maroon 5 with a bit more of an edge.)


The thing is, I’m having trouble settling on a name for this band.



I’ve asked for help on my Facebook page, but with Facebook’s analytics being what they are, not many people see those posts. So I’m running a little “voting giveaway” this week and I’d love for you to participate!


All you have to do is visit my Facebook Author Fan Page and comment on the top post with your vote from the four band names I’ve narrowed it down to. I’ll select a random winner of a $5 Amazon gift card later this week. (If you don’t already happen to Like my author page, I’d really appreciate it if you’d give it a click while you’re there!)


Thanks in advance for your support! I look forward to updating you soon on this exciting new series. :)