June 1, 2020


Praise for Becoming
What more could you want in a book?
I promise if you read Becoming you’ll travel to another world.
All of the characters are amazing and leave you secretly
begging to read their stories.
Melody – 5 stars @ Amazon
What a book! I mean, WOW!
I just can’t wait to get to the second book.
Whiskey Reader – 5 stars @ Amazon
Well paced and a fun read,
very clever new world to explore.
Tarrin Lupo – 5 stars @ Amazon
I could see and feel it all.
It is simply beautiful.
MsMelis – 5 stars @ Amazon
I had a hard time putting this book down.
I really enjoyed the characters.
Praise for Central
It pulls you in and doesn’t let you go,
even at the end where you are going “Ok, next book please!”
Can’t wait to see what happens next!
Kate “Elements” – 5 stars @ Amazon
This book left me gasping for the next one!
Melody – 5 stars @ Amazon
How is it possible that this series keeps getting better and better?
You have surpassed my greatest expectations.
MsMelis – 5 stars @ Amazon
Yet again
I am begging for more!
PanicWritten – 5 stars @ Amazon
Praise for Foretold
This was the book I was waiting for.
An amazing end to this even more amazing trilogy.
Melody – 5 stars @ Amazon
This book is a really satisfying end to the trilogy.
Roller coaster ride of
passion and suspense.
TCBronson – 5 stars @ Amazon
This series was fantastic.
I simply loved it.
Annette Guerriero – 4 stars @ Amazon