June 1, 2020

Don’t Miss the DEFY Trailer and a Chance for Great Swag!

Ahh, swag. Just the word has my imagination leaping! Bringing to mind strapping, swashbuckling pirates stowing their ill-gotten loot in mysterious lairs, swag was simply a must-have once I became a published author.

Of course, swag costs money. Most authors just starting out don’t have hundreds (or more) dollars to dole out on promotional items, and I was no exception. Fortunately, with a few book sales now under my sword-bearing belt (okay, not really–but it could be), I can now present some lovely swag to my Estilorian fans!

With Defy‘s release just days away, I wanted to do something to capture the interest of my existing fans, and hopefully entice a few new ones. What I’d like to do is offer a giveaway. This giveaway will include some swag, some of which includes the following items:

(Did you notice the “I Want My Own Gloresti” buttons)?? I’ve also got some super-cool magnets. The other part of the giveaway is the winner’s choice of a signed paperback of Becoming or the entire Daughters of Saraqael trilogy in eBook format. If you already happen to have the entire trilogy in eBook format AND a signed copy of Becoming, I’ll offer you a signed copy of Defy instead. Read on to find out how to enter!

Starting this Monday, April 30th (Defy‘s release date) and running until May 12th, there’s going to be a big Defy blog tour hosted by YA Bound that will involve lots of other great prizes and giveaways. Tune back into my blog on Monday for more details on that.

If you haven’t already seen the amazing Defy book trailer created by FLATLINE FILMS, I hope you’ll check it out now:

Isn’t it awesome? And now…how to enter the swag-and-free-book giveaway! The only thing you have to do to qualify is comment on this blog post with the reason you want to win. Do you love the Estilorians? What do you love about them? Have you never read my books but find yourself interested in doing so? What captured your interest?

For extra entries in the giveaway, you can review Becoming, Central and/or Foretold on Amazon and/or Barnes and Noble (assuming you’ve read them, of course) and let me know that you did so. Each (hopefully positive!) review will count as a separate entry in the giveaway. I’ll select the winner on Monday the 30th.

Thanks so much to everyone for the unbelievable support! I’m so excited about Defy‘s launch, and I can’t tell my fans often enough how much your encouragement means to me. Good luck to everyone who enters!


  1. I saw your posts on Facebook Your book sounds really good I’d love to read it! i even put the rest of your books on my to read list. Thank you for the giveaway!


  2. Amanda Collins says:

    I haven’t read any of your books yet but id really like too. the covers are beautiful and the story sounds great! Thank you for the chance to win 1.

  3. Bridgett says:

    I’m entering because I love the series! I have all of the ebooks and have been rereading them like crazy in anticipation of Defy being released!!

  4. Angelique Burns says:

    I found your books trolling for new reads last year…read the first and couldnt put down read the trilogy in as many days! Have been patiently waiting for the new one!

  5. Sarah Evans says:

    Were do I begin. I found your books because I saw you following me on Twitter and then I stalked your website for when Becoming, Central, & Foretold would be released and DEVOURED them within a couple days. And then began my quest to get as many of my friends to read all about the Estilorians!! Since I have them all as ebooks I can’t wait to add the paperback’s to my collection some day. I loved the action and romance that was just the right amount I could share them with my students! I can’t wait to read the First Born Trilogy! So, that is my rambling entry :-)

    Oh, I”ve reviewed Becoming, Central, & Foretold on Amazon & Barnes & Noble and they are also on my blog: http://sarahsbookslife.blogspot.com/p/reviews.html

    • Raine Thomas says:

      Sarah, you’re a heap of greatness with awesomesauce on top!! It was wonderful luck that I started following you as a Twitter newb. Thanks for believing in my work and being such an amazing supporter of the Estilorians! *high fives* *hugs*

  6. Cordelia says:

    To be honest I haven’t heard about ur books…head in the sand syndrome probably.
    But I would love to win to get the chance to review and spread the word!!