June 1, 2020


The purpose behind this page is to promote the work of artists who have read my books and were “inspired” to create something because of them. If you would like to have your Estilorian-inspired artwork displayed on this page, please contact me for details and I’ll gladly put it up. All media is welcome: pictures, drawings, digital creations, video, music…really, anything that was inspired by my books as long as it’s suitable for public viewing. Please be sure to provide your information in case anyone would like to contact you about your work! As always, many thanks to my wonderfully inspiring fans.

Shift Character Banner

Shift character banner by Ashley from Redbird Designs

Defy Character Banner

Defy character banner by Ashley from Redbird Designs

A sketch of Amber by one of my fans.

A sketch of Amber, in her human form. By David Seitz.