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Welcome to Estilorian Central

Here’s where you can learn more about each Estilorian class. Each description includes the class’s core traits as well as the human traits most likely to transition into that class.

Comment below and let me know your Estilorian class. I’m planning some fun class-focused giveaways and goodies in the future, so share your class with pride and you could reap a future reward!

Quick Note: The images of the wings below don’t actually resemble an Estilorian’s wings, which are light and luminous. But the shapes are close and the colors do accurately represent the colors of each class’s eyes, wings, and markings.

Have fun finding your class!

“Soul Harvesters”

Core Class Trait: Faith

Special Skills: This is the only class with the ability to transition between the Estilorian and human planes at will. Corgloresti identify human souls on the brink of expiration and attempt to harvest those souls into new Estilorian forms using The Embrace.

As Humans: Acceptance, Compassion, Patience

“The Wise Ones”

Core Class Trait: Wisdom

Special Skills: Outstanding leadership and guidance. As the wisest and most impartial of the Estilorians, Elphresti have the ability to consider all aspects of a situation and draw the best conclusions. They’re well-respected by the other classes and looked to as leaders and voices of wisdom. Because their wings are black, they can also fly undetected at night.

As Humans: Integrity, Leadership, Charisma