March 29, 2020

Central (Daughters of Saraqael Trilogy Book Two)

Central - Daughters of Saraqael Trilogy Book Two- a young adult fantasy romance novel by Raine Thomas

Writers and readers alike grow attached to characters in books. Rarely do I read the last word of a great story without feeling like I’m saying goodbye to a dear friend. Indeed, many FAQ’s on authors’ websites relate to favorite characters and when they might make another appearance.

So when I finished Becoming and started Central, I had a hard time shifting my focus from Amber. I had just finished a novel that accomplished all I had aspired to do. I was several chapters into Central when I realized that Amber appeared more often than Olivia.

Uh. Wait a minute here…

Though it was difficult, I scrapped those early efforts. Amber’s story had been written, I reminded myself. Now it was time for her middle sister to take the stage.

I’m so glad I made the revisions. Olivia’s tale took on a life of its own, morphing from a sweet, fun love story (with a fantastical edge, of course) to a tale with some darker undertones that bumped it into the page-turner I envisioned. What more could a reader want, right?

And now, for more of the exciting details about Olivia’s story:


Daughters of Saraqael Trilogy Book Two


For avid student Olivia Murdoch, life on the Estilorian plane is filled with wondrous adventure. Every lesson about her new existence is both exciting and challenging. Along with her sisters, she embraces this non-human half of herself.

Helping with her lessons is her Gloresti, James. Teacher, scholar and distractingly attractive, James takes on his roles of Olivia’s guide and protector with equal dedication. As he learns the human emotions that Estilorians no longer experience, he starts to see Olivia as much more than just an assigned pairing.

The physically weakest of her sisters, Olivia trains hard to learn things that no typical human classroom can impart. When they travel to “Central,” the Estilorian base, she comes to understand why she must become strong enough to defend herself. She and her sisters are targets.

Not all Estilorians welcome them. In fact, more than one would see them dead.

Follow the Daughters of Saraqael as they learn more about life on the Estilorian plane…including the dangers it holds. The journey continues with Central, now available via Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords, coming soon to all other digital platforms.


  1. Melissa says:

    How is it possible that this series keeps getting better and better? I am in awe and I cannot seem to wipe the grin off of my face. My mind has been off wondering the Estilorian plane since I started reading about the Daughters of Saraqael. I would gladly lose myself in this world. Sleeping and eating have become afterthoughts because I am so engrossed in it.

    Olivia is the type of person that anyone would automatically feel the need to protect. She has a brilliant mind and a loving heart, but her physical abilities lack the skill that her sisters, Amber and Skye, posses. She is her own worst critic and doubts herself in more ways than she really should. The journey she shares with her Gloresti, James, invoke tender feelings that are nurtured and strengthened the more time they spend together. James is awe-inspiring in his eagerness to learn all he can about Olivia. He wishes to truly understand, guide, teach, and protect her. It is fascinating and downright comical as they both learn about one another’s way of life. There is a lot of mystery that surrounds Amber, Olivia and Skye in their new life on the Estilorian plane. The suspense, humor and endearing love that surrounds this entire story is enough for me to wish it were real. Bravo Raine! You have surpassed my greatest expectations and this isn’t even the end. Moving onward and upward to Foretold.